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Reaching Our Goals

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In January, we were all excited to start the New Year with a resolution. We were eager to see positive changes for 2014. Our intentions were sincere and we wanted to reach our desired goals. However, as few months have gone by, we became busy with our everyday lives. A setback may have occurred and we found ourselves feeling discouraged. Our resolutions have now gone to the sidelines. Does this sound familiar?

How do we make our goals more attainable? Research shows that when goals are specific, concrete, and with a timeline, we are more likely to stick to it. We are now in March and it is a great time to revisit our resolutions or goals for this year with some helpful tips.

  • Be realistic - For example, having a goal such as I will go to the gym everyday is setting yourself up for failure. Instead, set manageable goals ie: I will go to the gym two times a week. This is setting you up for success.

  • Make your goals concrete and specific - For example, instead of “I will eat healthier”. Try stating “I will eat home cooked vegetarian meals three times a week”. You can also make your goals more concrete by writing them down.

  • Break your goal into smaller steps -

For example: Goal for the year:

I will find a new job by end of 2014 in Marketing.

Goal for 1st Month – make or update resume.

Week 1 – look at examples of resumes online.

Week 2- update old resume.

Week 3- draft a rough copy of my resume.

Week 4- make a final copy of my resume.

Goal for 2nd Month - send out resumes

Week One – look for possible marketing employment online.

Week two- look for possible employment through networking with acquaintances or friends in the Marketing field.

Week Three- send out resumes to prospective employers.

Week four – follow-up prospective employers to confirm they have received your resume.

  • Identify roadblocks- For example: going to the gym in the evening will not work because I am tired, I will have to go in the mornings. I am not used to cooking vegetarian meals; I will buy a vegetarian cookbook.

  • Do not think in ‘all or nothing’ terms – if something does not work out, do not give up, see it as a set back and keep moving forward.

  • Be patient – learning a skill or trying something new takes time and practice. Be kind to yourself.

  • Be flexible- being too rigid does not allow for growth and learning. Be open to changing things along the way as you learn and grow.

  • Celebrate - when you reach a small step towards your goal.

  • Enjoy the process – sometimes our vision becomes too narrow and we only focus on the end result. We will miss learning opportunities when this occurs. Enjoy the process along the way towards reaching your goals.

I believe by keeping a positive attitude, having a concrete plan of action and being open to possibilities, you will be able to reach your goals.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

Wayne Gretzky

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