Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is appropriate for a broad range of issues.  During individual therapy you will meet with the therapist one-on-one to work towards issues in life that may be challenging or to gain better self-awareness for personal development and growth.Individuals struggling from depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, fatigue, relationship issues, career, family of origin, self-esteem, personal development and many other issues can benefit from individual therapy.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can benefit couples who are struggling with many different issues such as constant arguments, lacking closeness, communication breakdown, extra martial affairs or any other challenges.  Couples therapy can provide a safe and a non- judgmental environment, where both partners can be heard and understood. 

Through therapy couples can work towards getting unstuck from their negative

 relationship cycle and create a secure bond with each other.  They can also learn tools to heal and grow as a couple.   It can help couples get to a place of forgiveness, closeness, connection and joy. 

Group Therapy

Group therapy addresses a number of issues in a group setting.  We are social beings and need social connection.  Being part of group therapy can provide a number of benefits.  It can be a relief to realize that you are not the only one who is struggling.  When seeing individuals in-group with similar issues as yours in different stages of recovery, it can provide hope for your own recovery.  Being able to contribute, help and support fellow group members can be fulfilling.  Groups can be a place to learn effective socialization skills and to try out new behaviours in a safe setting.  It can also provide a sense of acceptance and understanding.Groups are appropriate for individuals who have already participated or are participating in individual therapy and want to expand their therapeutic experience.  It is also appropriate for individuals who haven’t participated in individual therapy and want to be part of a group to experience the richness of healing and learning in a group setting.

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