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Welcome to Creating Change Counselling Services for Individuals and Couples.  I understand that the decision to seek counselling takes a tremendous amount of courage.   I strive to hold space for  my clients, so they can be seen, heard, and understood.  

I also specialize in providing therapy for racialized and marginalized clients. As a woman of colour, I am genuinely dedicated to being part of the healing and empowering process for the racialized and marginalized communities. I am a strong ally for the LGBT2+. 
Through encouragement and empowerment, I believe pain, distress and conflict can improve or resolve and new possibilities and hope can emerge.  Your journey of self-discovery, self-improvement and healing can take place in a safe, nurturing, and collaborative environment.  Together, we can move towards creating the change that you envisioned.


In Person and online Counselling for British Columbia residents

Contact:  778-772-9815

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